Sounds Like Sweden is a collaboration between Swedens most talanted Songwriting Academy Musikmakarna and the creative outdoor hub FriluftsBynDuring three days the students get to stay in this inspirational enviornment to create new music that is performed in front of live audience the final evening. 


The students are divided into 10 groups and with a mix of skills and experiences. They got three days to enjoy the nature and the cozy atmosphere of FriluftsByn and the High Coast but also will create a new song that is to be performed on stage in three days. 


Three days later it is time to share the last days creation. Since most of the students are song writers and music producers whos music is most often performed by an artist this really is a stretch. But wow! Seriously wow!


When we have enjoyed the new songs we take a little break before it is time for what over the years has been an explosion of energy. It has gotten dark, the fires are burning, we remove the chairs in front of the stage to create some space… it is time for Open Mic and for the students to share some of the songs they have been working on for the last year. You dont want to miss this!

Som låtskrivare och producent har jag hela världen som arbetsmarknad. Behovet av svensk musik är stort. För att föra den svenska musikexporten vidare är det viktigt att ”det svenska musikundret” underhålls och utvecklas. En utbildning som Musikmakarna i Örnsköldsvik är viktig och unik i sammanhanget, och en bevisad framgångsfaktor för nya, unga låtskrivare.

Max Martin