After two years with only Musikmakarna students as audience it is once again time to invite you to join us. Ticket include a set two course dinner in Vardagsrummet and free seating at FriluftsByns Innergård during the Micro-Concert and the Open Mic. Ensure to book your ticket in time by clicking on the ”Get your Ticket” button below. Sounds Like Sweden gets fully booked.

31:st of Aug 2022
17:00 - 20:30
Open mic: 21:00-22:30

Höga Kusten.

290 SEK
incl two course dinner.
17:00: Dinner
20:30: Dessert

We will first gather for dinner in Vardagsrummet at 17:00. After dinner there is free seating at Innergården where we at 18:00 get to enjoy to the songs written during the last days. At 20:30 we go back in to Vardagsrummet for coffee and dessert before we once again get to listen to music during the open mic. While we are having dessert and before open mic we will remove the chairs in front of the stage to make room for standing audience in front of the stage so do not leave anything on your chairs when you go in for dessert.


Dinner is included in Restaurang Vardagsrummet before the concert. The dinner is a set two-course dinner. Main course is served 17:00 and dessert is served after the concert and before the Open Mic.

Dinner: 17:00 – 18:00
Pulled Lamb Burger with cole salad, pickled onion and chive dressing wrapped in a fresh Brioche Bred served with root vegetable crisps.
With pre-talk with Jerry Engström and Ulla Sjöström.

Dessert & Coffee: 20:30 – 21:00
Between the Micro-Concert and Open Mic.


At 18:00 it is time for live performances of the newly written songs at FriluftsByns Innergård. At this open-air courtyard is free seating so you decide where you want to sit (no chair reservations) and we help eachother so everyone gets a chair or a spot by the fire.

At around 20:30 there is coffee and dessert served in Vardagsrummet while we remove the chairs in front of the stage for the Open Mic where the students perform songs written during the last year. During Open Stage on can stand next to the stage or take a seat by the benches and fireplace at Innergården.

The music start at 18:00 at FriluftsByns Innergård just outside Restaurant Vardagsrummet.

There is free seating in this outdoor venue. Make sure you bring warm clothing.

Before Open Mic we take a break for coffee and dessert and remove the chairs in front of the stage.

During Open Mic there you can stand up or take a seat further away from the stage by the fires.

During Open Mic the studens get a chance to showcase songs made during the last year. 
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